Press Releases

09th March 2010

Philippa Weaver

Radio New Zealand

Philippa Weaver is the founder of, a kiwi website aimed at people outside of the normal employment loop. (duration: 11′34″)

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10th March 2010

More power to the job hunters

By Angela McCarthy - NZ Herald

Green Sky is a website that flips the traditional employment model on its head and advertises people, rather than jobs. It is an open marketplace where people who want to be hired can promote themselves. It's for job seekers, contractors, freelancers, businesses and people offering services to their community. I run the business alone, apart from my amazing programmer Gayan Perera from Magnetism Solutions. My main focus at the moment is increasing our numbers.

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03rd March 2009

Magnetism Works

By Deanna Harris - Whangarei Leader

An Auckland entrepreneur is praising a Whangarei business which designed and built her new recruitment website.

Green Sky, was launched in November last year by mother-of-two Philippa Weaver who came up with the unique idea after giving up work to raise her young daughters.

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03rd March 2009

Radio interview with Danny Watson

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15th February 2009

'Flexers' get marketplace to offer skills

By Rob Stock - Sunday Star Times

AUCKLAND BUSINESSWOMEN Philippa Weaver reckons there are tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands, of non-working Kiwis with marketable skills that could bolster their families' recession hit finances.

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04th February 2009

Sunday Magazine - Going Up

Sunday Magazine
Trademe for people buying and selling flexible working hours.

27th January 2009

Motivated from the Heart

By Glenn Baker - NZ Business

Green Sky founder Philippa Weaver is passionate about encouraging people to take control of the way they earn their income. Her recently launched website is about the creation of opportunities, in a very personal way. By Glenn Baker

Philippa Weaver is not your stereotypical business owner. For the founder of Green Sky there has been no grandiose business plan, formal marketing budgets, contingency plan or written risk analysis. And profits are definitely not a motivating factor. So, not suprisingly, Green Sky is no ordinary website.

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21th January 2009

Website new way to get paid using your work skills

Northen News

A new website aimed at bringing some fi nancial hope and opportunity, at a time when all the economic news is dire, has just launched.

Green Sky – www.greensky. – allows people to promote themselves in order to earn extra money.

It’s been described as ‘like Trade Me for people’. People describe themselves, their background, skills, where they are and what they do and people can view their profi les on the website.

Green Sky gives opportunity to people in almost any situation,” says single mum Phillipa Weaver who was on the DPB and set up the website alone.

“It is perfect for retired people, mothers, students, the self-employed, contractors, freelancers etc, as well as job seekers. It is for everyone.”

The site is free to use. Whangarei-based company Magnetism developed the site.

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20th January 2009

'Like Trade Me For People'

Whangarei Leader

A Whangarei-based company has played a part in developing a new internet service that allows people to promote themselves to earn extra money. Described as 'like Trade Me for people' - the website allows people to promote themselves and what they do and link up with others looking for, or in need of, a particular service.

"It is for everyone - whether you do baby-sitting, mow lawns, or have a professional service to offer," says Philippa Weaver, of, who used local company Magnetism to develop the website.
The site is free and provides marketing and accounts tools. Philippa says there are several Whangarei people already on the site even though it has just been launched.

14th January 2009

Mum takes control of work life

By Melanie Verran - East And Bays Courier

Sick of being under an employer’s thumb, an Ellerslie mother-of-two has come up with a way to make money while setting her own rules – and she’s sharing it with others.

Philippa Weaver says the foundations for her recruitment website Green Sky, which she describes as "like TradeMe for people", were set in a moment of distress nearly two years ago.

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