Finding My Way Around Green Sky

Although Green Sky is really simple, it’s a new idea, and all new ideas take a while to get used to.
To help you work out what you can do on Green Sky and where to do it, please click on the links below

You are in About Green Sky now – Come here for What to do & Where to do it, How Green Sky works and other important information.

Main Menu Bar

Search to Hire - Search for a Flexer here
This is your search engine.

I want to be hired - Register as a Flexer here
This is where you register and become a Flexer.

My Green Sky - Once registered this is your 'Home'

My Inbox

– Your messages and your message history
– To message another Flexer, create a message through their profile
– When you receive a message, we email your personal email address with a link that brings you into your Inbox
– The history of your messages is always there for you, so you can check back on conversations you have had in the past
– Your messages are date-ordered, so that the most current messages are always at the top
– There is a flag next to My Inbox which shows that you have unread mail. Please click on the message so that the flag drops, that way, you can see when there really is new mail
– On the top right of your message room, is a link which says ‘I was Hired!’. This takes you to My Success. We hope you wear this link out!

My Details

– These are the details we have recorded from your registration
– This information is for your records with Green Sky Admin, not for your profile. If you have made a keying error (or change of heart) on your date of birth or gender, changes you make here will pull through to your profile
– To make changes to your profile, go to Edit My Profile

My Payments

– This shows your profile status, the date of the month your monthly payments come out, and a history of your payments
– You pay for your profile monthly, so if you are part-way through a month, you will be billed for the full month

Refer a Friend

If there is someone you know who would benefit from being part of Green Sky, please email them from here

Purchased Views

– This is the history of all Flexers you have ‘Paid to View’
– See more about our ‘Pay to View’ options in About Green Sky (‘looking to hire someone’ links)

My Feedback

– This is where you request, post and receive feedback
– Once feedback has been received, you choose to display (or not) your feedback in My Feedback
– Only you know when the appropriate time to request feedback from your customer/employer, so you manage this process
– It’s in your interest to request and manage your feedback
– Your feedback is only displayed on your profile if you have either a Lime or a Jade profile, however, prospective customers and employers have the choice to ‘Pay to View’ your feedback
– We see your feedback as an important way of marketing yourself, and we believe in your right to keep your feedback section positive, so you choose the feedback you display
– So that it is fair for customers/employers, we display the ‘% of feedback’ you have chosen to display. If your percentage is 100%, you clearly have very happy customers. If it’s a low percentage, the feedback might be a mixed bag

Only Flexers use the next set of rooms – This is where the action is!

Edit my Profile

– This is where you create your profile and where you can edit your profile at any time
– There are ‘Tip’ boxes on display on this page to talk you through the process
– This is the raw data. If you want to see what the profile actually looks like to a prospective customer/employer, either click the appropriate View my Profile links at the top, or search for yourself and click on your own profile in Find a Flexer
– At the top of this page, you can see what your profile looks like as an Avocado Profile, a Lime Profile and a Jade Profile. You can make your decision about what level of profile suits you, by viewing these
– If you want to change your profile type, please go to My Green Sky, Change my Profile Status
– Please save your entries/changes by using the Save buttons at the top and bottom of the page
– There is an ‘Activate my Profile’ button at the top right of this page. If you are not available (sick, on holiday, on contract etc) you may want to leave this button un-ticked. If this is not ticked, your profile will not be visible. We will remind you if this button is not ticked each time you leave Edit My Profile and each time you re-enter Edit My Profile. It is your responsibility to manage this. Please always ‘Save’ once you have ‘Activated’ or ‘De-Activated’ your profile
– Un-ticking ‘Activate My Profile’, is not cancelling your registration. It is just taking your profile off-line

Change my Profile Status (Being built)

– This is where you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your Profile at any time
You pay for your profile monthly, so if you are part-way through a month, you will be billed for the full month, so please pay attention to your anniversary date so if you wish to cancel or downgrade during the month, please ensure it is the most beneficial time of the month for you

My Success

– This is one of the most important rooms in Green Sky
– This is where you create a job record each time you are hired by someone through Green Sky
– Using this room is important because it is how we know about your success. If you forget to use this room, we can’t show your success on your statistics on your profile, you can’t capture your feedback and you can’t record and keep the history of your jobs
– From the details you provide in the Job record you create, you can:
o Create an invoice and mail it to your customer/employer
o Keep track of your income by using our cashbooks
o Keep details and write comments about your customer/employer – your own client management tool
o Write comments about the job

– From the details you record, we will update the stats on your profile including:
o Total number of customers
o Number of unique customers
o You’ll be able to choose to display feedback – we can update % of feedback displayed

– When you create a job, we will let you know the job was successfully recorded and you can click to go to My Workroom to view that job

My Workroom

– This is where your job history is displayed
– You record your job history by using the ‘I was Hired!’ function. You can do this either by using the ‘I was Hired!’ link (top right of My Inbox), or by going to My Success and creating a job record
– You can view the full job details by clicking on the Job Name (which is what you have called the job)

My Accounts Tools (Being built)

– This is where you manage your accounts
– Once you have been hired and created a job record in My Success, (the job details live in My Workroom), you can do the following:
o Create an invoice and mail the invoice to the person who hired you
o Transfer your income details into your cashbook and manage your income

My Marketing tools

– This is where you personalise your Marketing tools and use them to increase your income
– Your success will depend on how actively you let people know you are available for work; send your profile out with pride and confidence
– There is an explanation about each of the Marketing tools
– We want you all to be successful, so our free Marketing Tools are available to all Flexers


My Want List

– If you have searched for a Flexer for a job/service in a location, and no Flexers were found, you can post a ‘Want List’ request. When a Flexer that matches your request joins Green Sky, we will message you
– You create your Want List in Search to Hire. Your requested Want Lists live in here

My Short List

– Flexers you are interested in for a job or service can be ‘Short Listed’
– You create your Short List in Search to Hire. Your saved Short List lives in here
– You can write comments about each Flexer, on your Short List summary, so you can recall their attributes

Post a Job

– If you can’t Search to Hire that is right for you, please create a free job ad here
– The job you create is viewed in The Green Room - Flexers Required
– When someone messages their interest, you will see a flag next to My Job Listings

My Job Listings

– This is where all jobs you have posted live
– If a Flexer ‘applies’, their profile and message will appear in this room
– You can message interested Flexers directly from here
– If you hire this person, you can create a Job record here by clicking ‘Hire this Flexer’

My Honesty Box

– When you hire someone for a business purpose (e.g. someone to paint your office rather than your house), you pay a Success Fee to Green Sky
– We use an Honesty Box system
– Please click here for more about our Honesty Box system & Success Fees

My Workroom

– This is the history of all the Flexers you have hired, and the details of the work they did for you
– You ‘Create the Job record’ when you use the ‘I Hired a Flexer’ links (These links are in the Search and Job Posting parts of Green Sky – where you functionally search and find the Flexers you want to hire)

The Green Room - Chat, get tips and find a job here

Message Board

Community, Site Feedback, Success Tips

This is where you can hang out, chat, get tips, share ideas and swap stories We will be adding our ideas into the Success Tips section

Flexers Required

This is where registered Customers/Employers have posted job/service required postings You can apply directly to them from this room Your profile and message will drop into their My Job Listings room
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