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    More About Me

    Hi. I've been in the extemely fortunate position of not having to be in paid employment for many years during which time photography has been a passionate hobby of mine. I've been asked to do professional work by both professional photographers who've seen my work and friends many times over the years which I've always declined to take up. Due to changed circumstances I'm offering my services to you lucky people via GreenSky.

    I'm far from your average photographer and consider GreenSky to be the perfect forum to match my talents and enthusiam with the perfect people. Its difficult to describe myself and my work because there's no-one quite like me! Lets put it this way.. You'll either love me or I wont be right at all! My enthusiasm is contagious and I consistantly take photographs of people that they say are the best photos they've ever had taken. Have a look at a sample of my work and I think you'll get a good idea. A quick phone call and we'll know whether we're the perfect match or not. One thing I ca