Location: Auckland

Work Categories:

  • PA Executive Assistant
  • Availability:

    Mon 08:00am 06:00pm
    Tue 08:00am 06:00pm
    Wed 08:00am 06:00pm
    Thu 08:00am 06:00pm
    Fri 08:00am 06:00pm


    Pay/Rate indicator: $$

    Salary: $50,000.00



    More About Me

    I am currently a Personal Assistant to the Administrator for a department within the University of Auckland and have been for approximately 2 years and we manage a team of over 50 interviewers daily, which is very fast paced. Although my title is Personal Assistant, I also have experience with HR and Administration within my role.

    I demonstrate the highest level of professionalism, integrity and always open to learning new things.

    In my spare time I am a volunteer Coastguard so i have gained many qualifications which include, Search and Rescue Medic, CRV (coastguard rescue vessel) handeling, GPS certificate and many more.