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Children & Babies
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  • Afterschool Care
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    More About Me

    I am a 23 year-old woman whose passions lie in, learning, teaching, photography, art and the environment. I enjoy being active all of the time, whether it's doing something crafty inside or spending hour’s outdoors. My passion for childcare began when I was 17 years old when I helped out at a busy daycare, which then bloomed into many great opportunities for me as a babysitter. I currently baby-sit for 3 families in my area, whose children range from 2 to 12 years of age. I enjoy every minute of it and constantly keep the children active with baking, outdoor games, and craft projects. I want to be a teacher because I am thrilled to have the skills and the passion for caring for children of all ages, in all numbers. I enjoy the energy of children while also enjoy teaching them new things, including creativity, discipline, and new facts.The joy I get from my job, as a babysitter is so rewarding, especially in seeing the children grow up beautifully.