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Resourceful and independent, can work in a team

Location: Auckland

  • Kingsland
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    My Work Experience

    Employer / Position

    Time Period


    Cornell Institute


    2010 Feb - Now


    Auckland Zoo

    Casual Labourer

    2009 Dec - 2010 Feb

    Western Springs

    AIS St Helens


    2009 May - 2009 Dec

    St Lukes


    Manager, Survey Research Unit

    2007 Oct - 2009 Jan

    Tamaki Campus


    Business Analyst

    2007 Apr - 2007 Oct


    University of Auckland


    1991 Jan - 2007 Jul

    Symonds St, Tamaki Campus

    My Education/Qualifications

    Qualification / Institution




    University of Auckland




    University of Auckland




    University of Auckland



    More About Me

    Systems Analysis and Biologist

    My Background

    I have degrees in Science and Commerce and can do just about anything.
    eg. I can claim to have been a mountain guide and a deep-sea scientist and most things in between. Alhough orginally a Zoologist (with Chemistry and Physics minors) I completed a BCom in Econometrics and Operations Management.
    I was an Engineer in the Army (to help pay for my studies). My first full time job was at NZFP in Kenleith, doing technical programming and Operations Research (I was later the Treasurer of ORSNZ for 7 years). I then worked as Fisheries Scientist, then as a Company Accountant for a large construction and Engineering company. I then taught for two years at University (Database, Operations Research) before undertaking a gypsy lifestyle for two years. I worked for Watties as Data Administration Manager, then as Systems Analysis and Design Manager for 5 years until the department was closed down.

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    People Describe Me As

    Hard working, resourceful

    I'm Proud Of

    The way I can learn new skills and excel at finding innovative ways to solve problems.
    Hence I am particularly proud of the systems I developed at Watties, the way I organised postgraduate students research projecsts at the University of Auckland, my development of the systems supporting the Local Government Elections in 2007.
    I am also proud of my personal achievements. e.g. becoming a good Masters Athlete, creating a portfolio of properties as part of my investments and particularly managing and pruning my pine block on my Northland farm.

    The Way I Work

    A high-level of abstraction to look at the big picture together with low-level implementation to drive through the realisation of the designs I created.

    I Specialise In

    Creatinbg Ad-hoc teams for short term projects such as the Elections and Census or even running athletic events with a team of volunteers.

    I Would Be Perfect For

    Someone wanting a hardworker who can manage themselves and others, who can think about new ways of doing things, but when required rollout the standard methods for projects such as the General Elections and Census.

    My Attributes

    Efficient, Versatile, Confident, Honest, Polite

    Additional Comments

    I worked for two IT vendors before heading back to teach Information Systems at the University before again being (amongst many) made redundant in 2007. I produced the ballot papers for the 2007 Local Government Elections (all 3 million papers nation-wide). Following that I managed the Survey Research Unit located within the School of Population Health until the end of the current contract and restructuring (at the same time as the global financial crisis). I have pretty much taken on a wide variety of jobs since, rarely being without work; but nothing permanent, although some weeks I have worked long hours, sometimes on multiple jobs.



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