Lawnmowing, Odd jobs, Paper delivery

Location: Auckland

  • Glendowie
  • Kohimarama
  • Mission Bay
  • Orakei
  • St Heliers
  • Work Categories:

  • Paper Delivery
  • Trades
  • Hammer Hand
  • Labourer
  • Availability:

    Mon 03:45pm 05:30pm
    Tue 03:45pm 05:30pm
    Wed 03:45pm 05:30pm
    Thu 03:45pm 05:30pm
    Sat 02:00pm 05:00pm
    Sun 08:00am 04:00pm


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    More About Me


    My name is Jack Larsen, I am 13 years old and I go to Sacred Heart College (Auckland). I live in St Heliers/ Glendowie in the eastern suburbs.

    I am not one who really wants the money... I am one who wants to get the job done and I care about what I am doing!

    I am an all round boy who loves to play sport, and I am very handy on the computer.
    I do rowing as my main sport, so i am quite hard working, very well disciplined, able to deal with pain, and I am willing to do most jobs thrown at me.

    I will do many jobs including delivering (fliers newspapers or whatever), mowing lawns, raking leaves, anything around the house. I may also be able to do a few things on the computer.