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17 years sales experience. Nothing is impossible..

Location: Auckland

Work Categories:

Sales & Marketing
  • Sales Representative
  • Account Management
  • Call Centre / Customer Services
  • Consultant

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    Desired Salary range: $40,000.00





    My Work Experience

    Employer / Position

    Time Period


    Self Employed - CND FLOORING

    Self Employed

    2008 May - 2012 Jan


    My Education/Qualifications

    Qualification / Institution



    Matric N3




    More About Me

    Hello, I'm ready for anything, If there is an opportunity I take it... I always look on the positive side.  Nothing is too big or too small it all adds up. I enjoy people & entertaining, but love my own time too. I have a creative side, which gives me an edge. I'm compassionate and always helping others out.

    My Background

    I was brought up with good ethical family values.  I have tried all the sports at school and enjoyed hockey the most. I enjoy travelling when ever I can and seen amazing places.

    People Describe Me As

    Always positive. Love trying new things or off on an adventure.  I'm a loyal & caring friend.  Im very creative & talented. 

    I'm Proud Of

     my achievements and overcoming difficult times and learning from them.  I'm a proud mom of a wonderful talented teenage daughter, who is level headed & knows her direction. I'm proud of having an excellent relationship with my ex husband. I'm proud that I never used my daughter as a pawn in my divorce or after to get at my ex husban. I also started my own business without help or degree in business management etc....

    The Way I Work

    Being self-employed I found my strengths... I'm a go getter, nothing is impossible... I'm persistent, enthusiastic person.. Always going the extra mile to get the sale or job done, ethically.
    I have a very good understanding of clients likes and dislikes and always recommend the right products which gives them peace of mind and job well done. 
    I'm very friendly and willing to accomodate others.  Being conscientious, efficient, honest and puntual are my strong traits. I'm creative and think outside the box. 

    Thank you for reading this.

    I Specialise In

    the flooring industry.  I sell & instal all carpets, laminates, engineered, solid wood, parquet woods, laminate & vinyl.  I have done big projects in government, hotels, schools & restuarants.  I sell to the corporate & residential sector.  I'm a project manager overseeing the installation of floors.  I do all my admin from ordering material, organising the jobs & fitters to invoicing & paying of accounts.  I have a website *website*...
    I do all this myself, so I'm very capable in any job. 

    I Would Be Perfect For

    in any sales enviroment, Events, exhibits etc.  I would also be perfect for bed & breakfast businesses, hospitality industry.  Would love to work in a creative field too, interior design, architects & turn key projects.

    My Attributes

    Efficient, Confident, Honest, Creative, Independent

    Additional Comments

    I truly value the full scope businesses now, after working for myself.  I understand that every penny counts, team work, values, time,  employees.   I would be an asset.



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