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I am: Job seeker, Warner Kendall Smith, Female, 31 - 40

Location: Auckland

Work Categories:

  • Office Assistant
  • Office Assistant
  • Call Centre / Customer Services
  • Customer Service

    Last logged in: Never

    Desired Salary range: Un-specified





    My Work Experience

    Employer / Position

    Time Period


    Adidas Head office

    Customer Service Rep

    2011 Oct - 2011 Dec

    Mt wellington, Auckland

    Pyrotek products


    2011 Jun - 2011 Oct

    Otahuhu, Auckland

    NZ Lotteries

    Call centre - web help

    2004 Jan - 2004 Jan


    NZ Herald

    Retail Sales Administrator

    2001 Jan - 2003 Jan

    Auckland CBD

    NZ Herald

    Returns oficer

    1999 Jan - 2001 Jan

    Auckland CBD

    NZ Herald

    Call centre - custromer servicd

    1998 Jan - 1999 Jan

    Auckland CBD

    My Education/Qualifications

    Qualification / Institution




    Level One - Open polyetc



    Computers & typing




    More About Me

    My name is Warner Kendall Smith, i am a 29 year old female living in the eastern Suburbs of auckland.  I have no children, I live independtly and can do any hours or days that are asked of me.

    I am a humble kind person who will always lend a hnad to help others, i am a people person with a warm vibe about me and I am always smiling.

    I am looking for a stable business that i can learn all that I can as well as gain new skills.

    I have alot of skills to offer and have been told from companies I have worked for in the past that I am a real asset to a team, company or any work place.

    I appreciate people seeing a spark in me and giving me the chance to prove I will be the best person for the position

    My Background

    My background in the workforce starts when I was seventeen, I was the youngest person to go for an interview at the NZ Herald for a call centre position in the complaints department, The Interveiw was with a very professional women who saw a sparkle in me and had to give me the chance she said. At Seventeen an opportunity like that doesnt come around often if at all.  Because of her choosing to give mea chance I grew up learning businesses, Customer service,call center operations, administration support and management,  i have been the support person for 17 managers who all relied on me to pull it all together, and I am that kind of person that can be reliable enough to come through for my team and company.  my bacnground and all employment I have had has been related around the office, I learn systems quickly and love to try and make them better or quicker in any way possible. 

    People Describe Me As

    The person that they can count on to be left with a task and complete with out any worries or hassle.

    I'm Proud Of

    My nature, I have been a told i have a humble beautiful nature which shines through me, and gives people the feel of trust,

    The Way I Work

    The way I work is, i am there to help our business improve and succeed just like all employees should be.   I like to be the person that a team or managers can rely on to sort out an issue that can be resolved without stress or worry, i like to take on board problems and try to fix them, I am a support person and i enjoy supporting management, I like to make there day easier so they can work on the more important jobs like management should.

    I am a multi tasker and do not get stressed under pressue, I will try to always help others in anyway possible because its for the business we work for.

    I enjoy knowing that at my workplace people can ask me for help and can trust me to do the work with out questions because they know i have the knowledge

    I Would Be Perfect For

    All roles involving computers, support and administration and communication

    My Attributes

    Honest, Reliable, Organised, Independent, Professional