Marketing Consultant, Tauranga, NZ

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    More About Me

    I just luuuuuuuuv marketing!  I love it so much that in April 2009 I gave up my job in the middle of a recession! People thought I was crazy - including my wife! But I did it so I could start my own marketing consulting business in my home/office. This way I can help a wide range of small-medium sized business owners because I just love the variety - who wants to work for a single company when you can work for a dozen? 

    I have experience with 60 ways advertise your business (search google for that list), so I can pick and choose which methods will work best for your business. 

    For me, there is no greater thrill than talking with a new client about their business and figuring out how I can help them grow and succeed. Will you be my next one?