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Marketing Consultant, Tauranga, NZ

Location: Tauranga

  • Bayfair
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    Sales & Marketing
  • Marketing
  • Business Growth Services
  • Business Consultancy

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    My Work Experience

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    Marketing First 2009 Ltd

    Marketing Consultant

    2009 Apr - Now

    Tauranga, New Zealand

    My Education/Qualifications

    Qualification / Institution



    Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

    University of Waikato


    In Progress

    Bachelor of Electronic Commerce (1st Class Hons)

    University of Waikato



    More About Me

    I just luuuuuuuuv marketing!  I love it so much that in April 2009 I gave up my job in the middle of a recession! People thought I was crazy - including my wife! But I did it so I could start my own marketing consulting business in my home/office. This way I can help a wide range of small-medium sized business owners because I just love the variety - who wants to work for a single company when you can work for a dozen? 

    I have experience with 60 ways advertise your business (search google for that list), so I can pick and choose which methods will work best for your business. 

    For me, there is no greater thrill than talking with a new client about their business and figuring out how I can help them grow and succeed. Will you be my next one?

    The Way I Work

    I am a question machine.  Marketing is all about questions. Like "how do you add value?", "why do your customers choose you and not a competitor?", "where are prospective customers looking for solutions to the problems you solve?", "what does success look like to you?".

    I'll work with you through these questions (and many more), and once we have the answers we can develop our marketing strategy.  Once we have our marketing strategy we take action. Once we take action we start to see results!

    Are you ready to start this process? Come on, let's talk. 

    My Attributes

    Resourceful, Analytical, Competitive, Humorous, Creative