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I am: Wendy Mercer, Female, 41 - 50

Location: Christchurch

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    More About Me

    I am a creative and outgoing individual  I have a high level of communication and a lot of experience working with people in coaching and teaching roles.

    I am a Professional Belly dance teacher and I teach classes in this dance form. I am also professional singer specializing in Latin musical styles which I sing in Portuguese.

    I've also trained as a Life Coach and until recently I designed and facilitated personal growth courses for adult education and mental heath providers.

    I have a natural ability with interior design and have done numerous colour and design consultations for various people.  Recently completing a diploma of Interior Design.

    I am a natural leader, confident and organized.  I am very reliable and a creative thinker. I have  natural empathy and understanding of people.  I love to inspire people to be the best they can be!

    I am also mother to my 10 year old son Alexander.