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I am: Job seeker, Wendy Mercer, Female, 41 - 50

Location: Christchurch

Work Categories:

Education / Tuition
  • Mentor
  • Entertainment & Events
  • Singers
  • Design
  • Colour Designer

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    Desired Salary range: Un-specified






    My Work Experience

    Employer / Position

    Time Period


    Stopping Violence Services

    Youth Team Assistant

    2008 Oct - 2009 Oct

    Christchurch City

    School of Contemporary Bellydance

    Dance Teacher

    2008 Jun - 2010 Jun

    Christchurch City

    self employed

    Belly Dancer/Teacher

    2008 Jan - 2010 Jan

    Christchurch City

    Adult Education/Mental Health

    Life Coach/Group Facilitator

    2005 Jan - 2009 Jan

    Christchurch City

    self employed

    Latin/Jazz SInger

    1998 Jan - 2010 Jan

    Christchurch City

    Modern School of Music

    Music Teacher

    1998 Jan - 2002 Jan

    Christchurch City

    self employed

    Owner of Recycled Clothing shop

    1993 Jan - 1997 Jan


    My Education/Qualifications

    Qualification / Institution



    Dip. Interior Design

    Australian Academy of Interior Design



    National standards Food Safety




    Dip. Life Coaching

    LIfe Coach Associates



    Dip. Jazz Perfomance



    Not Complete

    Cert. Jazz

    Wgtn Conservatorium



    National Cert. Science & Tech.

    Central Institute of Tech.



    More About Me

    I am a creative and outgoing individual  I have a high level of communication and a lot of experience working with people in coaching and teaching roles.

    I am a Professional Belly dance teacher and I teach classes in this dance form. I am also professional singer specializing in Latin musical styles which I sing in Portuguese.

    I've also trained as a Life Coach and until recently I designed and facilitated personal growth courses for adult education and mental heath providers.

    I have a natural ability with interior design and have done numerous colour and design consultations for various people.  Recently completing a diploma of Interior Design.

    I am a natural leader, confident and organized.  I am very reliable and a creative thinker. I have  natural empathy and understanding of people.  I love to inspire people to be the best they can be!

    I am also mother to my 10 year old son Alexander.

    My Background

    Performing arts/ Professional Singer and Music teacher
    Holistic Life Coach and Group Facilitator (contracted to various adult education providers)
    Professional Belly Dance teacher
    Business owner of Recycled clothing retail store in Wellington CBD in 1990's

    People Describe Me As

    Confident, loyal, direct, vibrant, strong, empathetic, excellent communicator, creative,funny,honest, patient, a good teacher.

    I'm Proud Of

    My ability to understand and work with many different people.  My creative talents.  Being a good Mother,  My inner strength. Learning form life's challenges the ability to see the gifts these challenges bring. My insight and intuition.  Attracting great people in my life. My ability to see the bigger picture. My ability to inspire others and see the best in them! My philosophical mind.

    The Way I Work

    Methodically,  Creatively, honestly, with on open mind,empathically, calmly, patiently, spontaneously. I'm very direct in my communication with diplomacy. I have clear boundaries with people.  People feel as ease with me as I am accepting. I am a natural leader.  I like to be very punctual and reliable. I am open to new ways of doing things.

    I Specialise In

    Working and teaching groups of people.
    Performing Dance and Singing
    Life Coaching
    Interior styling

    I Would Be Perfect For

    Facilitating and teaching groups in
    Life skills, Personal growth and Self Empowerment, Communication, Women's Support Groups, Body Image,  Creativity, Dance, Music
    Designing courses, trainings and workshops
    Team leader or manager
    Interior styling and Colour Consultant
    Visual merchandising and display
    Any profession that requires creativity and/or people skills

    My Attributes

    Confident, Good Leader, Creative, Independent, Professional