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I am: Philippa Weaver, Female, 41 - 50

Location: Auckland

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    My Work Experience

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    General Manager Sales

    2006 Jan - 2007 Sep


    My Education/Qualifications

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    Master of Arts

    University of Canterbury



    BA First Class Honours

    University of Canterbury




    University of Canterbury



    More About Me

    I launched Green Sky to give people who want to be hired opportunity, autonomy and self respect. I believe employers will love the ability to view and contact candidates directly and that people who want to be hired will appreciate the opportunity to communicate their strengths and skills in their own words. I hope you enjoy the website.

    My Background

    Long experience in a tough retail environment juggling clients' needs. A stint lecturing in Feminist Politics at Canterbury. Canterbury Rape Crisis Regional Rep working with very intense National Collective

    People Describe Me As

    Insightful, cheerful and tougher than I look

    I'm Proud Of

    Doing a 10 day meditation without speaking, surviving 18 months in Sydney as a young, female, Kiwi boss and being part of an awesome blended family with my amazing husband and our four fabulous children.

    The Way I Work

    Independently, focused, fast

    I Specialise In

    Being able to see the Big Picture while focusing on the detail at hand. The ability to anticipate opportunities or problems ahead of time

    I Would Be Perfect For

    Any employer wanting support with their recruitment workload.

    My Attributes

    Enthusiastic, Friendly, Calm, Organised, Creative