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    More About Me

    I am retired from everyday working life having reached a long time goal to do so by the time I turned 50. I have recently enjoyed helping fledgling businesses and individuals with their success plans and would consider doing more of this. I strongly believe in self determination and working to a predetermined set of values. I am interested in helping people who have energy, integrity, courage and a sense of what is right for their community. Money is no longer a motivator for me, seeing others suceed is.

    My Background

    I have a bachelors degree in business and have worked for large & small NZ businesses and a US multinational. I have worked primarily in the manufacturing and service industries in Sales,Marketing, Consulting & GM roles.

    People Describe Me As

    I am known as a person who genuinely values others. I am goal oriented and look to instill this sense of prupose in others. My style is collaborative and seeks to enhance knowledge & learning. I am known for being very intolerant of those who are primarily focused on their own self importance.

    I'm Proud Of

    The success of my marraige and our kids. I have always sought to have a lot of fun in life.

    The Way I Work

    For me to be interested in helping, I need to be convinced that the person and/or organisation is looking to offer genuinely creative solutions and do so with passion and a rationale to do more than just make profits. My favoured role is that of an independent sounding board. I am candid and honest in my feedback. I am very happy to throw ideas back at you. I would be uncomfortable being paid for my time, but a bottle of wine every now & then would be welcome.

    I Specialise In

    Career, business and personal advice.

    I Would Be Perfect For

    A person and/or organisation that is just starting out or is at some kind of crossroads.

    My Attributes

    Reliable, Good Leader, Independent, Professional, Empathetic

    Additional Comments

    Management is doing things right. Leadership is doing the right things.