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organising co ordinating are my strength

I am: Job seeker, Jeanne, Female

Location: Auckland

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  • People Person
  • Experienced & Versatile
  • Reliable & Adaptable

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    My Work Experience

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    Accommodation Manager

    2005 Jan - Now

    Auckland cbd

    My Education/Qualifications

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    More About Me

     I am an independant person, who enjoys a challenge in most things that I do.  I like 'different' & am easily able to think outside the square.

    Hard work and determination are words of my character. Always wanting to learn more in everything that I do, whether it be work or my personal life. I am always searching for more knowledge and skills, while been open & adaptable with the knowledge that I have already obtained.

    I am not so much of a follower, but tend to create my own way of achieving results.  If there is a better way to achieve the same, or better result, then that is where you will find me.

    Boredom is not for me!

    I am into simplistic, trying not to complicate issues if I can - a problem seeker where need be.

    My strength is my adaptability, been able to glide from one situation to another, and back if need be.

    My Background

    My background consists of variety.
    Born in NZ in a military family, freedom was a bit part in my upbringing. Been allowed to grow and be independant.
    This is shown in my personal life as well as my work background.
    Always one for a change and a challenge, I have acheived a variety of work skills along my way, from pumping petrol, factory work, joining the Military myself, working with people in sales and support.
    These skills have enhanced my personal life with richness, as well as my professional life.
    I endeavour to bring in variety into my life, boredom is not for me!
    I enjoy creativity and expansion as well.

    People Describe Me As

    People describe me as very passionate about what I set out to do.  An easy communicator, on all levels, with all people.  Words like efficient, organised, honest and reliable, easy to work with and a lovely person to know. Skilled in my work, using compassion and diplomacy where needed, enpathic and understanding.

    I'm Proud Of

    I am proud of everything that I do.
    I work hard, and have gained fantastic knowledge and skills throughout my life. Every where that I work, I am aware that I have brought in something different, and have helped  people along the way. Not always intentional, but just with our communication.
    I am proud that I am independant, am able to look after myself, and am always open to learning new skills, meeting new people and trying new things.

    The Way I Work

    The way I work is to achieve the best results that I can, on personal and work levels.
    I often introduce different ideas and systems that may work better, and am always striving to be organised and efficient.
    I work to acheive the best result that I can
    If 100% is required, I do tend to go for 120%.

    I Specialise In

    My strength would be people skills; communication, empathic, very organised and am a great multi tasker.
    An outside the 'box thinker' and worker.
    Working totally independatly, and also a team player as well.

    I Would Be Perfect For

    I would be perfect for most things. I do not specialise in just admin work, or sales, but am able to adapt and take on most resonable tasks..
    My skills are 'not boxed, but open to trying new things all of the time.

    My Attributes

    Efficient, Resourceful, Organised, Independent, Professional



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