I am: Janelle, Female

Location: Wellington

Work Categories:

  • Beauty Therapy
  • Personal Stylist
  • Makeup
  • Availability:

    Mon 05:30pm 10:00pm
    Tue 05:30pm 10:00pm
    Wed 05:30pm 10:00pm
    Thu 05:30am 10:00pm
    Fri 05:30am 10:00pm
    Sat 09:00am 10:00pm
    Sun 09:00am 10:00pm


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    More About Me

    I'm South African, but I am now a New Zealand Citizen.

    I studied at Weltec Institute of Technology.

    I have got a Certificate in Make-up Artistry & Hair Styling. Aswel as a Diploma in Beauty Therapy.

    I have a passion for Beauty.  I'm not there to make someone into the ideal woman in todays fashion industry, but I'm there to make woman fel good about themselves & feel confident in their own skin!  As I believe that every women is beautiful!  I enjoy putting a smile on someones face, & love to hear good feedback from clients!

    Looking Beautiful is one things, but Feeling Beautiful is special!