Jacob Hollins

Location: Auckland

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  • Plastering
  • Builder
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    Mon 08:00am 08:00pm
    Tue 08:00am 08:00pm
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    Fri 08:00am 08:00pm
    Sat 08:00am 08:00pm
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    More About Me

    I am a family man first an foremost.I have two amazing kids and another on the way.When not working or training i am spending time with my family.I was basically raised on a building site.Growing up i was always helping my grandfather an three uncles(all builders)on ongoing family building projects.I love working hard,it has been passed down to me and i am proud to be apart of such a hard working family.I have worked for my uncles building company(Bastion Builders)of an on my whole life.Building,plastering,landscaping,tiling.demolition,painting,concreting, there isn't much i haven't done on site.Hence my passion an enthusiasm for this position.I also love working with people and believe a laugh always goes a long way.