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Jacob Hollins

Location: Auckland

Work Categories:

  • Plastering
  • Builder

    Last logged in: Never

    Desired Salary range: Un-specified





    My Work Experience

    Employer / Position

    Time Period


    self employed


    2011 Aug - 2012 Feb


    Bastion Builders

    Hammer hand

    2011 Mar - 2011 Jul

    Mission bay Auckland

    self employed


    2007 Jan - 2011 Mar


    Leo Goodman plasterers ltd


    2004 Jun - 2006 Nov


    Bastion Builders

    Hammer hand

    2004 Jan - 2004 May

    Mission bay

    stop it stopping services ltd


    2003 Jul - 2003 Nov


    My Education/Qualifications

    Qualification / Institution




    Glendowie college


    Not Complete

    More About Me

    I am a family man first an foremost.I have two amazing kids and another on the way.When not working or training i am spending time with my family.I was basically raised on a building site.Growing up i was always helping my grandfather an three uncles(all builders)on ongoing family building projects.I love working hard,it has been passed down to me and i am proud to be apart of such a hard working family.I have worked for my uncles building company(Bastion Builders)of an on my whole life.Building,plastering,landscaping,tiling.demolition,painting,concreting, there isn't much i haven't done on site.Hence my passion an enthusiasm for this position.I also love working with people and believe a laugh always goes a long way. 

    My Background

    I grew up in Glen Innes Auckland.I have always enjoyed playing rugby and have been told I am a gifted all round sportsmen I will turn 27 this july.I enjoy staying fit and healthy an have had to muay Thai kickboxing fights.I am no stranger to hard physical work an enjoy a challenge.I havnt really spent much time over seas,but have been almost everywhere in N.Z. I would love to travel more wiyh my family 1 day.

    People Describe Me As

    I suppose people describe me as laid back, easygoing.,but also very competitive.I love to laugh as much as possible an enjoy time with my children above all else. 

    I'm Proud Of

    I am prod of my children,my fiancee and very proud to be a kiwi.I am proud who i am an what i have achieved in life so far. My proudest work would have to be completion of the BNZ Delloitte tower (80 Queen st Auckland)I was the plaster and painting supervisor of the 37 story 5 star green *website* is an amazing structure,combining restorations of the first 7 levels to one of the oldest buildings still standing in Auckland *website* top levels where a construction first in NewZealand,using only environmentally friendly approved products,to give it a 5 star green rating.I am very proud of my involvement with this project.

    The Way I Work

    I work with as less stress an panic as possible,without compromising a good steady pace with  deadlines in mind.I treat everybody with the same level of respect,from the cleaner to the *website* work is key to timely success and i enjoy motivating an leading by example.I usualy don't  stop until a task is complete. 

    I Specialise In

    I am a very experienced interior and exterior plasterer.I am confident in my building knowledge and have a good understanding of most materials used in all trades.I have reliable an first hand advice in most situations.I believe i am best suited to positions of trust and challenge.    

    I Would Be Perfect For

    I would be perfect for a position in the trade industry,working with people an materials i already have good knowledge of.   

    My Attributes

    Honest, Polite, Calm, Good Leader, Conscientious

    Additional Comments

    I know my work history is not in sales,but my personality and work experience would be well suited to make the transition to sales an customer service.I am a fast learner.I would never let ego get in the way of making money.



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