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Location: Auckland

Work Categories:

  • Office Assistant
  • Engineering / Construction
  • Architectural Draughtsman

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    Desired Salary range: Un-specified





    My Work Experience

    Employer / Position

    Time Period



    Office Administrator (sole charge)

    2006 Oct - Now



    Residential / Light Commercial Draftsman

    1982 Nov - 1990 Jan

    Waiheke Island

    My Education/Qualifications

    Qualification / Institution



    NZ Certificate of Engineering (Civil)

    Auckland Technical Institute


    Not Complete

    NZ Certificate of Drafting

    Auckland Technical Institute


    Not Complete

    Geology, Stage 1

    Auckland University



    English, Stage 1

    Auckland University



    B Bursary

    Dilworth School



    More About Me

    Hi, I am a positive, happy, honest individual with a zest for life, am disciplined and organised, have good self-motivation and I am intelligent andprofessional in everything I do.My communication skills are exceptional, both written and oral. I haveloved books and reading since childhood. After 6 years of Administration / Accounts Iwant to further my career by gaining experience as a PA.
    My main personal interest is live musical performance. I LOVE IT. Being up on stage, wrapping the audience around your little finger and taking them on a journey that (hopefully) they will never forget is FUN. You really have to keep your wits about you and multitask to the max. Every time you do a song it is different and you never stop learning. Fun, fun, fun.

    My Background

    I have extensive experience in the construction industry. I can drive almost anything. Have worked as a surveyors assistant, a draftsman and I am currently the sole charge office administrator for a hardware and building supplies company.

    People Describe Me As

    A local legend (because of my music). A comment I heard from a stranger who didn't know me.
    A hard worker, honest and reliable.

    I'm Proud Of

    being a good person.

    The Way I Work

    is thorough. I take pride in what I do. I save time by taking the time to do it right first time while constantly mentally double-checking everything I do, as I do it.

    I Specialise In

    Architectural draftsmanship.
    Office administration.

    I Would Be Perfect For

    The variety show from heaven.

    My Attributes

    Versatile, Confident, Honest, Creative, Thorough

    Additional Comments

    I would like to diversify into PA work.



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