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Student at Massey University

Location: Auckland

Work Categories:

  • Data Entry
  • IT & Telecommunications
  • Software Development
  • Database Development

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    Desired Salary range: Un-specified





    My Work Experience

    Employer / Position

    Time Period



    Temporary Employee

    2011 Oct - 2012 Dec

    North Shore

    My Education/Qualifications

    Qualification / Institution



    Certificate in Software Development

    CTI Durbanville (South Africa)



    More About Me

    My name is Christiaan van Dyk. I am a student at Massey University in Albany and I will be studying for my Bachelors in Information Sciences and do my major in Software Engineering.

    I am looking for permanent part time work so I can pay my student fees. I would also love to be part of a professional environment where I can learn hand-on skill and where I can build up my CV.

    I am a very energetic and social person. If there is an oppertunity where I can learn something new, I seize it. I also strive to bring as much to the table as possible to prove that I am a valuable employee.

    My Background

    I was born and raised in South Africa. Our family desided to move over to New Zealand in 2011 for economical reasons and for dual citizenship. We have been here for more that 8 months and are planning on staying here for good.

    People Describe Me As

    People describe me as talkative, humorous, reliable, someone who always tries to do extra, some who is proud of who he is and co-operative.

    I'm Proud Of

    I'm proud of my South African and Afrikaner heritage. I'm also proud of being a Christian and my family.

    The Way I Work

    I work well in groups and can manage a small group if required.

    I Specialise In

    I specialise in C# / .Net / C++ / SQL Sever and Web development.

    I Would Be Perfect For

    For a entry level job where I can learn on a daily basis.

    My Attributes

    Confident, Polite, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Humorous



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