Student at Massey University

Location: Auckland

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  • Data Entry
  • IT & Telecommunications
  • Software Development
  • Database Development
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    Mon 05:00pm 08:00pm
    Wed 03:00pm 08:00pm
    Thu 05:00am 08:00pm
    Fri 04:00pm 08:00pm
    Sat 10:00am 08:00pm


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    More About Me

    My name is Christiaan van Dyk. I am a student at Massey University in Albany and I will be studying for my Bachelors in Information Sciences and do my major in Software Engineering.

    I am looking for permanent part time work so I can pay my student fees. I would also love to be part of a professional environment where I can learn hand-on skill and where I can build up my CV.

    I am a very energetic and social person. If there is an oppertunity where I can learn something new, I seize it. I also strive to bring as much to the table as possible to prove that I am a valuable employee.