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Project Management, UNIX, Telephony and more

I am: Job seeker, Male, 61 - 70

Location: Auckland

  • Waitakere
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    IT & Telecommunications
  • Project Manager
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  • Reliable & Adaptable

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    My Work Experience

    Employer / Position

    Time Period


    Self Employed

    Support Telcos Billing Systems

    2007 Apr - 2010 Mar


    OTL Software


    1988 Apr - 2007 Apr


    My Education/Qualifications

    Qualification / Institution



    Masters Degree in Computing

    Newcastle University (UK)



    Honours Degree in Mathematics

    Newcastle University (UK)



    More About Me

    I live and work on a 10 acres in West Auckland, though I am happy to travel if necessary. 

    Much of my time is spent working on my land and house.  But I also have some clients that I provide IT services to.

    My IT work is with Telephone Billing systems, and I have a lot of experience with this and mediation (processing the call records from exchanges).

    But I am very practical and enjoy getting things done.  I have just finished re-roofing my neighbours house.  Next I plan to replace the clutch in my Landrover and complete my solar water heating installation.  I can tackle almost anything.

    My Background

    I lived in the UK until I moved to New Zealand in 1988.  I have worked full time all my adult life in IT.  I have excellent references.

    I was made redundant in 2007 as my employer closed down that part of the business.  I was the last to leave.  I then continued to support the remaining clients on my own, which I still do.

    I am enjoying working on my land and my house.

    Over the last 15 years I have travelled extensively around the Pacific islands on business.

    People Describe Me As

    Capable and interesting.

    I'm Proud Of

    Many things.  My kids, my wife, the house I built, the life I chose to lead.

    In the Pacific nation of Kiribati I constructed a telephone billing system out of UNIX shell scripts and the bones of a software product that my company was selling.  It has worked for 15 years.  I still support it.

    But there are many other things.

    The Way I Work

    Get the requirements clear, written and agreed.
    Think and plan.  Try and identify all the potential problems in advance.
    Confirm timescale and budget.
    Tackle all the hard stuff first.
    Review progress daily.
    Keep the stakeholder informed.
    Have a beer at the end of the day.

    I Specialise In

    Getting things done.  I am a practical man.

    On the IT side, I have a lot of experience with UNIX shell scripting.

    I Would Be Perfect For

    Small to medium project management.

    Contract processing of telephone call records (quite specialised area)

    Technical writing

    Pacific Island aid/support

    My Attributes

    Versatile, Honest, Reliable, Resourceful, Analytical



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